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About us

At senseslinen we combine our classic textile roots with the contemporary design and technique of the present-day, to offer you a unique take on bed linen. Made in Portugal, directly manufactured from Guimarães to the world.

Your sleeping experience is our top priority. Being aware of the centric role a bed represents throughout everyone’s lifetime, we create bedding collections to inspire and highlight numerous sensations and emotions.


Egyptian Cotton™

100% certified Egyptian Cotton™ and a thread count of up to 1000 Oeko-Tex® certified.

Risk-free 60 days trial

60-night sleep trial plus free shipping in all orders over €100.

From factory to consumer

Made in Portugal, directly manufactured from Guimarães to the world.

A look into our design & manufacturing process
We work with a team of creative experts and skilled craftsmen aligned with advanced textile technology. Take a deep-dive into our entire production process, all the way from the design and development to the packing and shipping stages, everything followed by a strict Quality Control in each phase.

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High-end materials
Only the finest cotton-silk, sateen and percale bed linen in your home through a carefully selected range of premium quality fibres. Take a closer look into all the raw materials we use to create high-end fabrics for your bedroom wish list.
Sleep'n Blog
Read before bed and wake up happier. Find your wellness, sleep and home décor ideas here.

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