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A luxurious fabric with the benefit of the world’s most premium fibres: Supima® Cotton and Mulberry Silk.

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Colour: White

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  1. Cotton-Silk Oxford Pillowcase
    As low as €65.00
  2. Cotton-Silk Duvet Set
    As low as €405.00
  3. Cotton-Silk Fitted Sheet
    As low as €160.00
  4. Cotton-Silk Flat Sheet
    As low as €200.00
  5. Cotton-Silk Sheet Set
    As low as €460.00
  6. Cotton-Silk Complete Set
    As low as €865.00
  7. Cotton-Silk Duvet Cover
    As low as €275.00
  8. Cotton-Silk Standard Pillowcase
    As low as €50.00

8 Items

Set Descending Direction