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Made in Portugal
Delivering you a lifetime of happiness, directly manufactured from Guimarães to the world.
Every single bit of this history is connected to the heart and soul of the Portuguese Textile Industry, in the antique town of Guimarães, where our exceptional bed linen is created. Are you aware of how it all began?
Take a moment to get to know a bit of our history!
This long tradition had its origins in Guimarães around the 17th century. At this northern region, people first began weaving essentially to keep their families warm.
After a while, a demand for woven products and linen manufacturing made its way to Guimarães, due to the locals’ knowledge, and several of them saw an opportunity to open workshops.
In 1884, several events took place that would usher in a golden era of textiles. Guimarães was at the centre of two events that have boosted its growth: the arrival of the train, as well as the opening of the Industrial Exposition. By that time, the town witnessed the birth of numerous industrial units.
Bed linen produced in Guimarães gained a standing position in the textile scene and have brought international attention to this day. Now, senseslinen allies a past filled with tradition and expertise to a modern approach and a clean design.
How do we make our bed linen?
Some of the purest materials in the world together with innovation and craftsmanship can only mean functionality and durability. At senseslinen, we run a close production to ensure greater quality. Ever wondered of how we come up with our bedding collections? Here is a brief insider look on our design and manufacturing proccess:
The product design phase is focused on fabric specifications, thread count and weaves. Our design team, based in Guimarães, Portugal, selects neutral and minimalistic aesthetics to bring your home a calm, peaceful feeling. If you choose so, our team can also take into account your personal preferences to give you an exclusive bedding experience, made just for you.
The long-staple certified Egyptian Cotton™ yarns are then woven on industrial machines called looms. The loom does wonders by quickly crossing threads until it produces fabric. This results in a raw, unprocessed cloth that is soon to become a part of the bedding sets.
Finishing & making-up
Because we are dealing with only natural raw materials, it is mandatory to clean all impurities. After inspecting the fabric’s quality, we proceed to the manual or automatic cutting. Next, it is time to sew.
Packaging & sending it home
Lastly, our bed linen is washed, ironed and ready to be packed. We perfectly fold the products and box them up with care, before making it all the way to your bed.
Quality control: every step of the way
Each stage undergoes a strict quality control inspection, from laboratory tests to production and shipping. An expert entity reviews quality at the highest level to ensure all the criteria are met.