5 tips on how to spend a great time with your kids

08 March 2021

5 tips on how to spend a great time with your kids

5 tips on how to spend a great time with your kids

Our mom and dad are the people who define us the most, marking our personalities more than anyone else in our lives (seriously, it's science). We owe them everything, starting with our own existence.

We're spending time at home with our families more than ever, so what a better occasion to show them our love. Thinking about that, we'll give you 5 tips on how to spend a great day together:


1 - Have breakfast in bed

happy family eating in bed

What could be better than a delicious morning meal on the best sheets? It's comfortable, it's cosy, and there is always plenty of space for the kids.

Choose your favourite delicacies in advance, so you can quickly prepare them in the morning and return to your haven. Once you have the food and your children, just eat and enjoy. Make it an unforgettable morning.


2 - Spending the day in pyjamas and bathrobe

father and daughter in pyjamas

Yes. It is so. No formalisms. Teach your children that symbolic gestures are sometimes necessary. If this is your day, you can dress any way you like. The most important thing at home is to feel comfortable. And there is nothing more joyful than spending the day in a bathrobe. Especially if it is a quality one, made with the best cotton on the planet, and guaranteed to be soft on your skin.


3 - Doing a movie marathon

father and son watching a movie

Can you imagine anything more fun to spend a day when you can't go out? And there are so many good things to choose from now, with all streaming platforms. What movies do you love that your kids haven't seen yet? The Jurassic Park series? Star Wars? Die Hard? (well, I suppose that depends on their age, right?)

Make sure to choose movies that are not only funny but also that have emotional meaning for you. Sharing a movie is a great way to understand what touches people close to you.

So make sure you have all the conditions: enough popcorn and fluffy throws for everyone. Get ready for adventure.


4 - Build a throw castle

father and son in a throw castle

Have you ever done this with your children? We feel that perhaps this is a somewhat overlooked activity, with all iPads and streamers on Twitch. But it shouldn't be!

Because it's so much fun!

You just need your sheets or throws (don't worry, quality bedding is very washable), your sofa, your pillows, your chairs, your coffee tables, and anything else you can use to serve as architectural structures, as long as they make your imagination flow. The magic of these throw castles is that they are all different. There are no limits. Create!


5 - Have a picnic indoors

family having a picnic indoors

Does it seem silly to make a picnic box, pick up a throw, and have a picnic in the middle of the room?


But sometimes silliness is exactly what you need to have a lot of fun with your kids. Snacks, sandwiches, maybe some cake. It is not difficult to think of a picnic menu. It's just a matter of gathering all your favourite foods and trying to make them edible without plates or cutlery.

In the end, this is our suggestion: since you will be staying at home with your children, remember how good it is to be a child.


You will see that you will love it.


And they will love it too!

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