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Why choose Mulberry silk?

08 May 2020

Why choose Mulberry silk?

Why choose Mulberry silk?

Mulberry silk has a long and storied past. It is grown in China, and it has a long tradition. The silk is made by the larvae of the Bombyx mori, the domestic silk moth. In this aspect, it is not unique. What makes it unique is what the larvae are fed. They eat only leaves from the mulberry tree, and it is that very special diet that allows them to weave such a perfect, smooth, silk.

An elite product

Mulberry silk is as good as it gets. It is the highest quality silk in existence. The mulberry leaves that the silkworms are fed have a series of unique qualities that are transferred to the product. They have antipyretic and antioxidant characteristics and result in a very uniform finish. The purest of white, that can also be easily dyed.




Myriad health benefits

Mulberry is hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating. This isn't because of treatment, it is naturally occurring, and thanks to the chemical composition of the mulberry leaves. It is a natural protein fibre, and it is resistant to any and all allergy microbe or odorous bacteria that try to land on your sheets.

Not only that, but due to its extremely rich glycine composition (43%), which just so happens to be a necessary protein for the health of the skin and other tissues of the body, Mulberry silk contributes decisively to your health and appearance.



It makes for a safer, comfier bed

Aside from all the health benefits we listed above, Mulberry silk will also feel better than your regular sheets. It can wick moisture away twice as fast as cotton, which can reduce humidity in your bed by up to 50%. Because yes, sadly, human beings do sweat. This also prevents overheating. By not trapping the water in, it allows your body to stop overheating as it senses that the extra moisture is evaporating away swiftly.

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