The 5 secrets to interior design

29 October 2020

The 5 secrets to interior design

The 5 secrets to interior design

There is a massive difference between spaces designed by home decorators and interior designers. Home decorators will focus on making your home look good. Interior designers will consider the tiny detail that you will want to live there as well.

So when you're considering your next redesign, make sure you take this little guide into consideration. We will help you make your home both beautiful and livable.

1. Consider thoroughfares

This is one of the most common mistakes made by decorators (both professional and amateur), especially when dealing with open-floor spaces. The empty space is extremely scary, so the temptation to cram more furniture in is great. You must, however, consider that people are not only going to be enjoying the comfortable couches, they will also be coming and going. Plan out the flow of the room and how people are going to move around. Then allow for at least 90 cm for these passages, which is enough for two people to cross comfortably.

But don't go overboard.

In between less busy spaces (say, between the couch and the coffee table, or between armchairs), 45 cm is enough. You don't want to have to get up to go get your mug of tea, and you don't want to be shouting from across the room when entertaining.



2. Understand your line of sight

The perfect height for your TV set is at eye level when you are sitting down to watch it, no matter how good it looks higher up on the wall like a painting. If you have a TV in your kitchen, however, or a screen in a common working space, maybe you will want it at eye height when you are standing up, because that is when you will be looking at it.

This doesn't just apply to television sets, however, this is for everything. Paintings should be positioned in places where people can comfortably see them (i.e. not behind furniture, or over shelves). Shelves should be decorated in a way that allows for easy browsing of books. This rule applies to everything really.




3. Natural light is your best friend

You want as much of it as you can possibly muster. Of course, curtains are wonderful, and they should be a key part of your decoration, but there must always be room for them to be entirely drawn back so the light can flood the room. Make sure you understand which rooms face what directions, so you can make the best use of light both in the morning and afternoon. If you are in the Northern hemisphere, south-facing rooms will get the most sunlight during the whole day, so they are ideal for home offices and, of course, for the keeping of plants. Bedrooms, perhaps, shouldn't face East, for that is the direction the sun comes up in the morning. Unless you are a very early riser, in which case the opposite applies. Make sure you find the best solution for you.





4. Stools are a secret weapon

Their versatility is a home designer's key ingredient. They are beautiful, and very easy to match with whatever decorative style you are going for. Also, stools are easily storable. If you need to remove them completely, they most likely won't be missed. And if your need for extra space is temporary, they can be pushed aside, against a wall. They will always look good, regardless of which side is facing where. And if you need the extra seats, they can just be brought back into action.

But that is not the only reason why they are very useful.

Lidded stools can be used for extra storage. Decorative stools can add a pop of colour or a different aesthetic feel to a room. Unused stools can hold blankets (in different colours as well) for a cool night. They can be whatever you want them to be.




5. Dress your bed

The bedroom is the most personal and intimate space in the home, and it should reflect this. Your living room, or even your office, should absolutely show your personality, and make guests feel they know a little about you when they enter it and share that space. The bedroom, however, is for you. That means it needs to be yours. The decor should leave no doubt about this.

The bed is the centrepiece of any bedroom. It occupies the most amount of space of any piece of furniture, and as such occupies a dominant position. The bed needs, as such, to be dressed. This doesn't necessarily mean a vast and cumbersome amount of throw pillows, but it does mean high-quality bedding that sets the tone for the decoration of the whole space, both in terms of colours and patterns but also in terms of personality.

If you are looking for high-quality bedding to make this a reality, we highly recommend you visit our online store. You will also find some truly delightful throws for your stools! Every piece we carry is made with the utmost care by dedicated artisans and we ship directly from the factory to your home, cutting out middlemen and ensuring stunning prices for such remarkable pieces.




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