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What makes SUPIMA® cotton so wonderful?

15 May 2020

What makes SUPIMA® cotton so wonderful?

What makes SUPIMA® cotton so wonderful?

Have you ever read the label of one of your favourite bed sheets and found the word SUPIMA on there, and wondered what it meant? Maybe you found a reference to it online? Well, SUPIMA® cotton is one of the finest cottons in the world, and here is a little bit of what makes it so great:

SUPIMA® Cotton is a very special plant

Much like Egyptian CottonTM, it is not grown from a regular cotton plant. While cotton strands average 1 inch in length, SUPIMA® Cotton averages 1.5. This is a very special extra-long plant, grown and cherished in America for generations. It represents less than 1% of all cotton grown in the world.




The most advanced technology is used to ensure quality

This very special plant is grown exclusively in the United States, and every part of its life is taken care of by cutting edge technology. Irrigation is guaranteed by laser-levelling of the soil. GPS and satellite photography are used to keep track of crops and understand their growth rate.




Three words: stronger, softer, brighter

The fact that SUPIMA® cotton boasts a staple length of about 35% longer than regular cotton means that it produces a softer and more lustrous fibre.

Since fewer fibre ends are exposed, the cotton fabric will resist abrasion better and will guarantee less piling. What this means in term of the final product is a fabric that will be naturally stronger and softer. Not only that, it will also retain colour better, since a longer fibre allows for a deeper, long-lasting penetration of the dyes.

It truly is a wonder of a raw material.

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