9 Secrets why Egyptian Cotton™ bed linen is the best
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23 May 2019

9 Secrets why Egyptian Cotton™ bed linen is the best

9 Secrets why Egyptian Cotton™ bed linen is the best

When we talk about bedding's raw materials, cotton comes immediately to our mind. But is all the same? There is one that definitely stands out: Egyptian Cotton™.

As the finest and most renowned cotton in the world, Egyptian Cotton™ has many reasons to be proud of itself. Its superior quality gives strength, durability and glorious softness to the products woven from this raw material.

By being grown in very specific climates, it's one of the rarest and most luxurious types of cotton available. For the consumers' hands, definitely goes the most resilient cotton fibres that will last a lifetime!

For those who are looking for comfort, opulence and sophistication, make sure to pay attention to the increasing thread count.

But the pros don't stop here! Continue reading to know which are the 9 reasons that make bed linen crafted in Egyptian Cotton™ a must-have.


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1. Durability

If you are looking for long-lasting bed sheets, make sure you're buying products with the certified Egyptian Cotton™ label. Besides being more durable than the other types, it's softer and lightweight.



2. Strength

Its extra-long staples give great strength to the fibres and an extraordinary smooth feeling against the skin. Since the longer fibres are thinner, it is easier to weave it, resulting in an outstanding fabric.


3. Colour

Thanks to the superior ability to absorb the liquid of this specific cotton, it fixes a dye in a deeper, brighter and more resistant way. So, the colour remains bright, with a resilient vibrancy, even wash after wash.


4. Absorbency

Talking about absorbing characteristics, Egyptian Cotton™ is the greatest choice for creating towels, face cloths, hair wraps, dressing robes and bathmats. The thinner fibres of this raw material ensure an extended fluffy and wonderfully soft feel against the skin, as we can prove also in bed linen.


5. Wash

Every product woven from certified Egyptian Cotton™ stays stronger and softener for a long time, even if they're washed very frequently.

But be careful: don't launder them with fabric conditioners! Otherwise, the strong fibres can be destroyed and the fabric will lose the softness and durability that characterises so well this raw material.

 soap in the hand


6. Authenticity

As a genuine 100% pure cotton, this raw material is carefully planted and hand-picked in Egypt, since 1821. Therefore, Egyptian Cotton™ results in superior quality products, with a plush softness that can only be rivalled by pure silk.


7. Unique conditions for growing

The moderate climate of Egypt and the fertile soil of the Nile River, together with the extra loving care and attention of producers, are the perfect match for cotton seeds to grow, allowing this raw material to develop extraordinary qualities and a special outer surface.

The plants need very stable weather to mature, as well as extensive irrigation to ensure a constant supply of nutrients. This mix helps to develop longer individual fibres.


 8. Protection

Egyptian Cotton™ is upheld by the Cotton Egypt Association, who makes sure that the quality never decreases. It means that every product using the brand label fills precisely all high standards, which is great! It gives confidence to the consumers when buying luxury needs crafted in this raw material.

The association guarantees that Egyptian Cotton™ is 100% pure, safeguarding it from materials with inferior quality. To reach this purpose, it works closely with everyone involved in the supply chain - even internationally -, being transparent about the entire process. That's why all manufacturers are accredited.

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9. Versatile

Every soft furnishing can be crafted in this raw material. And the truth is that numerous brands around the world use it!

Bed linen with 100% Egyptian Cotton™ is definitely a wonderful gift for loved ones or even for you!

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