Getting ready for fall: a guide with 9 recommendations

29 October 2020

Getting ready for fall: a guide with 9 recommendations

Getting ready for fall: a guide with 9 recommendations

Technically, fall has already started. The 22nd of September is the last day of Summer, and we sure hope you have managed to enjoy some sunny afternoons and warm evenings, even if 2020 hasn't been the easiest and most uneventful of years.

Now, however, it is time for fall. Autumn brings crisper weather, cosy blankets, delightful food and many occasions for laughter and merriment. It also brings some changes to the home and the self. We have already written a handy little guide[1] for gifts you might want to offer that are season-appropriate. Here are some things you should consider getting done around this time too.



1. Check for drafts

Nothing ruins your cosy living room faster than a chilly draft. It isn't nice, it isn't good for your health, and it will wreck your heating bill. Drafts can slip in through windows, doors, screen doors... And it can be trickier to figure out where they are coming from than to actually fix them. Here is our suggestion: use a candle. Just check for the flickering of the flame, and you will know where the culprit lies.



2. Do you have a fireplace? Have it cleaned

A lot of us don't have the privilege of a real fireplace, but if you do, now is the time to clean it. When winter comes, and you want to use it for that lovely warmth and crackling delight, you won't want to bother. If you try to use the fireplace in earnest without it being adequately cleaned, odds are you will flood your home with smoke. You definitely don't want that.



3. Store your outdoor furniture

Do you have a garden? Maybe just a balcony? Odds are you will have a seating area, with a table or some chairs. Most of the time, these pieces of furniture are not made to withstand the rain and inclement weather of winter, so now is the time to bring them inside, accommodate them, and make sure they will be in perfect condition for spring.



4. Embrace the spookiness

Seasonal decorations are fun, and fall has so many possibilities we couldn't possibly talk about all of them. We will, however, dedicate a few lines to the wonderful magic that is Halloween. Whether you have kids or not, it is extremely fun to create special Halloween experiences at home. Pumpkins, ghosts, witches. Stores are full of fun seasonal decorative elements. Buy some sweets, pick out some horror movies, and make your home reflect the fun.



5. Adjust your shopping

You are going to want to adjust your menus for the lovely flavours coming your way. Fall is the time of marvellous fruit, like persimmons and pomegranates. Not just that, it is also when some of the best and tastiest vegetables are in season. Beetroot, cabbage, sweet corn, pumpkin. You must also be prepared to cook heartier comfort food. With the weather growing colder, your home menus need to be ready to warm the hearts and souls of your family.



6. Use potpourri for a natural scent

Your windows are going to be spending a lot more time closed (and draftless!) during the fall and the winter, but you don't want to lose the fresh and natural odours of spring. Potpourri is a much preferable alternative to chemical diffusers and, if you pick the right blend of herbs and flowers, you will be able to create different experiences and feelings for different days.



7. Add cushions and throws

The best thing about the season? Staying home with a throw blanket and a big warm mug of hot chocolate reading a good book. You can replace chocolate with tea, a book with a good TV show or anything you want really. The one thing that doesn't change is that throw blanket and the comfy cushions that go with it. That's where the cosiness is. If your decor doesn't have enough of them, it is time to get them.



8. Declutter

We have all heard of spring cleaning, right? Well, how about a new tradition? Fall decluttering. Autumn will make you open your closets anyway. You are going to be changing all your clothes. Coats, warm socks, jackets? They are all going to be coming out and making an appearance. And all your shorts, swimsuits, t-shirts and tops are going back in. So why not make a day (or week) of it and clear out all the stuff you don't use anymore? Donate it if you can, throw it out if you can't. It's the time!



9. Change your bed linens

It's time to go for the warmer stuff. You want sheets that will protect your body heat throughout the night so you don't have to overload the bed with heavy unbreathable blankets that will trap moisture. Our recommendation? 100% cotton. You should visit our online store right now. Our different varieties of bed sheets are made with some of the best raw materials in the world and they will keep you warm every night all the way to spring.

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