GIFT GUIDE: what to get your kids when they leave home
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10 September 2021

GIFT GUIDE: what to get your kids when they leave home

GIFT GUIDE: what to get your kids when they leave home

The time will soon be upon us all. Summer is next, and then comes the first year of college. Your kids are going to be leaving home, and they won't be under your wing anymore. This can be tough, but it can also be liberating. This is how kids become adults. A little independence, but a whole lot of love and care from home. This is why you mustn't let them go without a few tokens to remember home by, objects that young 18 year-olds are less likely to buy for themselves but they will sorely need. Here's what we recommend.

Warm pyjamas


Teenagers sleep in their underwear or old t-shirts. This is a known fact of life, and we aren't judging!


However, when the nights get cold, colds become a real possibility. You certainly don't want the apple of your eye to be unprepared when Winter comes, and you know for a fact they're never going to be spending a significant part of their allowance on something like pyjamas.


Take it upon yourself to provide them with something adequate.


A toolkit


That gift comes with lessons, by the way.


Whether your kid will have their own place or move into a dorm, odds are something will need fixing sooner rather than later. A lot of the most important lessons of becoming an adult are not taught by universities, and some of the most important materials to own aren't provided either.


They won't be able to call you when something breaks, and the less money they spend on repairs the better. Teach them the basics, give them the tools, make sure they're ready to get a kickstart on life.


A really good pillow


Have you seen the pillows they provide in dorms? And have you seen what a young college student can get for the money they'll be willing to afford? Not great.


Having decent pillows is important, even when you're young and spry. They will help you stay strong and healthy, retain your fitness, and always rest peacefully. More than 70% of college students claim they don't get enough sleep. Make sure your child is not one of them.


And, if you're looking for some of the finest pillowcases on the market, we can help.


A good chair


seated man working

They're going to be studying, correct? For long hours? Or so you hope?


Bad chairs will ruin your back.


Evidently, the living situation will restrict your choices, and you probably won't be able to get them a massive ergonomic chair if they're living in a dorm, but there is a lot of stuff out there that is healthy and promotes good posture.


Just find one that is adequate and make the investment. We promise it will be worth it.


A paper tablet


Don't most of us use tablets or laptops for most of our work? Do college students even use notebooks at all anymore?


It does vary, and preferences shift with trends, but there's a new kind of device on the market now that is specifically designed to be the best of two worlds: digital and print.


A paper tablet will allow for note-taking, PDF perusal, reading ebooks and most everything related to work, but it won't have a colourful backlit screen, audio or video capacities. That means distractions are kept to a minimum without the need to carry multiple heavy books, manuals and notepads. They are light, batteries last forever, and they are perfect for University work.


The finest bed linens


bed linens

This is our most important recommendation because we know what we're talking about. We make our sheets and duvet covers with the finest raw materials available on the market. Every single sheet that leaves our factory is created by the most experienced and talented craftspeople.


We have written several times about how having the correct bed linens is crucial for quality sleep.


It is expected that university students won't be as careful and mindful about their sleeping needs when they are just experimenting with being away from home, with all that freedom. That also means they most likely won't be bothering too much with ironing or taking extensive care of their sheets.


This is why it matters that you provide them with every tool you can to help them succeed.

Our linen and 200 TC stone washed bed sheets never need to be ironed due to the structure of the fabric.


These (and also these) are the best bed sheets you can offer your children.

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