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Housewife or Oxford: how to choose the perfect pillowcase?
Bed Linen

30 May 2019

Housewife or Oxford: how to choose the perfect pillowcase?

Housewife or Oxford: how to choose the perfect pillowcase?

When selecting the elements for a new or renewed bedroom, pillowcases have a main role in the décor. The truth is: both Housewife and Oxford pillowcases are excellent adds! So, what distinguishes them?

The types of pillowcases available in the market are so diverse that can be confusing to find the prettier finish to the bed. In fact, the difference between Housewife and Oxford pillowcases, in particular, is only the appearance: while the first is sewn on the edge, the second has a fabric border around the edge (in our case, of 5cm).

In other words, if you remove the border from the Oxford pillowcase, you get a Housewife pillowcase. Anyway, both fit snugly around the pillow. It's just a matter of personal choice on the bedroom's decorating style: a basic and purely functional look or a more decorative and fancy style.


Essential versus Stylish

Just to clarify your mind, the Housewife pillowcase is our Standard pillowcase. In fact, it's the most common type of pillowcase used, for presenting a minimalist décor. But don't see it only as a regular and simple shape: it can give a very luxurious look to any bed.

Oxford pillowcases have a cooler design and give a more elegant and decorative effect, so they're great for adding extras to the bedroom. Actually, this cover is very popular amongst high-end hotels. The border can make the pillows looking larger, being the perfect choice for pillow fighting!

Our hint: try to combine both types. It looks gorgeous!


Where did the names come from?

If you quickly google the origin of pillowcases' names, you may not find any conclusion.

However, we assure you that the word 'Housewife' has not a sexist connotation, as might come to your mind - actually, this is one of the reasons why we call them 'Standard Pillowcases'. It's related to the British company Housewives Cooperative, who in the 19th century introduces an inside flap at the open end to secure the pillow in place. Until then, pillows were constantly falling out of their cases, what was super annoying.

On the other hand, it's assumed that the name 'Oxford' is related to the British city, where this design shall have appeared. Although, it may also be derived from the Oxford Cloth since this long-lasting material was first used to craft this type of pillowcases, more elegant than Housewife pillowcases.


Why is so important to use pillowcases?

Your face is directly in contact with your pillow every single day. By using a pillowcase, you're protecting your skin from dirt, dust and stains. Besides, it brings a soft touch and comfort to your night of sleep.

Both Housewife and Oxford pillowcases are equally functional in protecting a pillow.


What should I consider when buying pillowcases?

Since we're talking about the icing on the cake, make sure you're mixing and matching pillowcases with your duvet cover. Don't forget to consider colours, fabrics, finishes and sizes.

You definitely want to present a complete look!


What's next?

Now, take a look at our range of pillowcases in cotton sateen, cotton percale, or even in the perfect blend of cotton-silk. Besides looking great, our pillowcases are very high-quality.

Whatever you choose, we're sure you'll be very satisfied with the result. It's just a matter of personal choice on your bedroom's decorating style.

It's time to give a luxurious touch to your bed!

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