How to bring the Scandinavian style to your bedroom
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14 June 2019

How to bring the Scandinavian style to your bedroom

How to bring the Scandinavian style to your bedroom

The Scandinavian look is very appreciated, especially by interior designers and architects. It transmits calm, serenity and it's a very sophisticated style. If you want to highlight your bedroom from the ones you know, pay attention to this article.

Harmony and beauty are the words that best describe the Scandinavian style. This design can be adapted to every type of house or environment and its purpose is also very specific: simplify the way of living.


So, what's the Scandinavian design?

Basically, it's the pinnacle of ultra-functionality and simplicity. This minimalistic style is known for using most of the times white and pale colours and for drawing on clean lines, which turns the daily housework much easier.

Used mainly in houses, but also in offices, restaurants or stores, it can be found on every detail, since the walls, doors, floor and light, to the furniture, accessories, textiles, and all other things in interiors. It gives preference to natural shapes, that are crafted in natural materials, like cotton, silk, hemp, leather, stone or wood.

As the name refers to, it first appeared in the Nordic countries, namely on Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and then on Finland, Iceland and Greenland. It has become very important in the 2000s, but its history started two centuries before. Inspired by nature, it's related to high-quality, sustainability and gorgeous looks.


Before starting to decorate your bedroom...

You must know the main characteristics of this minimalistic style.

First, wood is the principal material used in the entire house. It's typically found in the floor - except in the bathrooms - and in interior surfaces - like walls, furniture, and ceilings. We constantly find a strong presence of stones as well. Why? Because the Scandinavian design makes a point on sustainability, since it boosts the use of eco-friendly materials.

Then, it's usual to find white and grey walls, furniture and accessories, mixed with pale tones and, sometimes, with a more warm-coloured detail, as well as bold metal accents. We see the minimum number of accessories as possible - not forgetting about fireplaces. Only the essential and full of modernity objects have place to complete the look.

The purpose of these choices is to emphasize natural light, to give the idea of more space, as well as to highlight the minimalist aesthetic. And it's perfect even for kids. In a house with these characteristics, you'll definitely feel at home!


Now, let's create your dreaming bedroom!

There're so many simple tips to transform the division where you spend most of your time at home. Just because you're sleeping, doesn't mean you've to be in a messy room, full of stuff you don't feel comfortable with. You need to feel good and relaxed, away from the everyday pressures, to be able to enjoy your nights. But remember: the bedroom doesn't need to be used only for sleeping...


1. Colours & Light

As we mentioned before, neutral colours are the key for the Scandinavian design. Let the natural daylight come to your bedroom through the whites, greys, blacks, browns and pales - unless you're trying to rest and want to close everything. By opting for this palette, you're giving a clean and clear effect to your bedroom, bringing the idea that's bigger.

For illuminating the space, opt by modern lighting with industrial design. You can also include candles, to make the bedroom warm and cosy. And don't worry about a monochromatic space: you can and should always include details in pop colours, like fuchsia, pink, orange, green... the one you enjoy the most.


2. Furniture and accessories

Clutter-free is the main concern of the Scandinavian style, where organization is king - everything that isn't necessary must go out. The lines must be clean and every detail should give a modern touch to the bedroom.

Wooden decoration is a must-have in this style. In the floor is mandatory, but it also looks great in the bed and closets, for example. Mix it with metallic objects, like lighting pieces, and some monochrome artwork.


3. Textiles

One of the last and most important parts of redecorating your bedroom: the choice of bed linen. This is the face of your bed and it's where you must feel great. Give preference to cotton and silk, in or percale.

If you want to give some texture to the bedroom, opt by a rug and sheer curtains. On the bed, include at least one blanket - it can be a throw or a bedspread in cotton or wool, for example -, as well as a set of accent pillows. Feel free to mix patterns and textures.


The Scandinavian design is about balance. Try to find yours and enjoy your new bedroom!

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