How to prepare for spring cleaning

27 April 2021

How to prepare for spring cleaning

How to prepare for spring cleaning

It is time. The sun is out, the cool air of Winter is quickly being replaced by the warm rays of sunshine. Pretty soon, we will be busting all windows open, stuffing our jackets back into their closets, and taking blankets out of our beds.

That means one thing: it's time to clean.

It's a time-honored tradition, and no one knows where it began. Did it begin with the Persians, or is it a legacy of the Jewish peoples who were getting ready for Passover? Regardless of how it started, it's just good common sense. Winter is a time of closed windows and more time spent indoors (this year especially), which means more clutter and dirt, even if you're a regular cleaner. Bringing out clothing you haven't worn since last year and changing the blankets from your beds are also tasks that need doing.


So what's the best way to go about it?

Here are some suggestions.

1. Go room by room

 clean sheets

Dirt doesn't travel through walls. Fascinating. Well, unless you bring it with you, that is. Some people tend to do things in stages. First, they dust, then, they vacuum, then, they mop, etc. and they go around the whole house doing this.

It's not the most efficient way.

If you are going through the whole house step by step, then all you are accomplishing is leaving every room when it's not yet properly clean and moving your problems around with you. Make a checklist, clean every room from top to bottom, seal it off, and then move on.

Start with the ones that are dirtiest (possibly the ones that were more neglected during the Winter).


2. Figure out seasonal chores beforehand

autumn leaves cleaning

Some people think Spring cleaning is just regular cleaning but more of it. That would be wrong. Spring cleaning is getting your home ready for an important lifestyle change. Spring and Summer are coming, which means more time spent outside, cooler clothing, and plenty of other changes that are specific to the kind of home you own.


Here are some things to consider:


  •  Clean your grill (you'll be needing it soon).
  •  Check your roof and gutters (the Winter is harsh on both).
  • Prepare lawnmower and garden tools (it's the season for them).
  • Make sure outdoor furniture is adequate (you'll be using it a lot more).


Of course, these are just some suggestions. You need to figure out what you need that's appropriate for your home.


3. Get everyone involved

 family cleaning the living room

Spring cleaning is hard. It takes a lot out of even the most seasoned cleaner and the most dedicated worker bee. You're cleaning? well? everything. So don't try to tackle it all yourself (unless you live alone, in which case, sure!). Everyone needs to pitch in, and it's very easy to assign different tasks to different members of the household.


Make sure you're organized.


It doesn't help if everyone's just trying to do all of the same things, stepping on each other's toes. Make lists, attribute tasks, ensure that everyone knows what they're supposed to be doing at any given time.


4. Make sure you wash your pillows

As we keep saying in this blog, you should change and wash your sheets every week (every two weeks at most!). But what about pillows?


Pillows should be washed two or three times a year.


That makes Spring cleaning the perfect time to get that job done. And while you're at it, change your bed linen rotation as well. Sateen or percale is perfect for Spring, because of its crisp and cool touch. We have plenty of exquisite choices in our store that you should check out.


5. Make lasting habits

 clean bedroom

This is our final and most important piece of advice. Spring cleaning is the time when you get to see where your cleaning routines are perfect and where they need a little change. Your moving furniture around, you're checking every corner, you're taking stuff out of storage and moving other stuff in.

This is when you can keep track of what's properly clean and organized and what isn't.

Are you happy with how the underside of your furniture looks? If so, great. If not, commit to cleaning there more often.

Was it easy and painless to store away all your winter jackets? If so, perfect. If not, maybe you need different arrangements.

You see where we're going with this, right? Write things down, make some changes, and then readjust next Spring.


Until then, we hope you have a great time!

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