Innovation and Elegance: Discover senseslinen's new Online Store
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13 July 2023

Innovation and Elegance: Discover senseslinen's new Online Store

Innovation and Elegance: Discover senseslinen's new Online Store

We are delighted and proud to announce the unveiling of our best-kept secret: the launch of our renovated online store. After months of hard work and eager anticipation, we are thrilled to share our latest project with the world, promising an enhanced shopping experience for all our valued customers. As dedicated producers, we continuously reinvent ourselves to ensure we provide the best and most comprehensive service, building upon the well-known customer support we offer. We take great pride in our work and are grateful for the positive feedback we have received over the last years. This new online store is the culmination of our relentless pursuit of perfection.

Why the Change?

Over the past three years, we have experienced tremendous growth and invaluable learning opportunities. With a heartfelt thank you to all our loyal clients, it became imperative to upgrade our online store. Recognizing the thousands of visitors who explore our virtual space, we felt compelled to elevate their experience even further. For several months, we dedicated ourselves to crafting a new online store that guarantees an exceptional shopping journey, providing the finest quality products at every turn.

Introducing the New Store

With you and all our current and future visitors in mind, we have meticulously designed this new store. Our primary objective is to ensure that everyone who graces our virtual doors enjoys an unparalleled experience. Beyond offering exquisite products, we strive to safeguard your satisfaction at every step of the process. Therefore, you can trust us when we assure you that this new store will deliver an improved experience.

  • Simplified buying experience: Our new store boasts a minimalist design that simplifies the purchase process. Now, acquiring our finest linen is easier than ever, and really just a click away.
  • More payment methods: To make the purchase process even easier, we have introduced new payment methods in our new online shop: Apple Pay, Google Pay and Klarna.
  • SMS alerts: Receive timely text message updates regarding your order's dispatch, ensuring you are always notified when your products leave our warehouse.
  • Easier order monitoring: Stay informed about the progress of your order through your dedicated client account. Tracking your package will be more detailed and effortless than ever before.
  • Uncomplicated returns: This streamlined process removes the complexity and the need to contact our team, allowing our customer to initiate a return process independently through their account. This way we also avoid the delays associated with these processes, making the experience easier and faster for you.


Nonetheless, certain things will always remain unchanged. We remain committed to providing 100% free assistance to anyone seeking the perfect sleep.


On behalf of the entire senseslinen team, we welcome you to our new store, which marks the beginning of an exciting new era.

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