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Lifehack: How to store your bedsheets
Bed Linen

01 May 2019

Lifehack: How to store your bedsheets

Lifehack: How to store your bedsheets

So many of us are guilty of stuffing our sheets into a not so organised pile. Either we lack the time or the patience, but wouldn't it be easier if we uncluttered our laundry and kept everything in a simple order? Here are some of our quick tips to store and organise your bedsheets in a simpler way.

The first step is easy enough: just empty your closet! Begin by choosing what you want to keep and what can be donated. As a matter of fact, donate as much as you can (as long as it's in proper conditions). The less you own, the easier it will be to follow a minimal lifestyle and to organise. Tip: sheets can usually be donated to a local animal shelter. After the bed linen division is made, wash everything up like you normally would.

Once the number of bedsheets for each bed is down to a manageable amount, you'll need to decide where to store them. A spacious place only for your sheets would be just ideal.

We're all familiar with those badly folded sheets in a crooked pile. When it comes to store sheets, folding fitted sheets can be the main cause of that whole mess. They're notoriously difficult to fold and it certainly seems you need some sort of scientific method to get them perfectly folded. However, the trick here is simply to fold them enough times until you master this art. This may not be the most exciting system, but is certainly the most effective.

Although spotlessly folded sheets are key to a neat closet, sometimes they don't want to collaborate. If your folded sheets keep falling apart when you take them out of the cupboard, try to roll them instead. Once your bedsheets are folded or rolled up, separate them in sizes and label them. For instance, mark them on the corners with a K (king size), an S (single) or any other, depending on its dimensions. This process will simplify your life when you're trying to find a certain sheet.

You'll also need some home accessories to optimize your organization. Say you own loads of different sized and coloured bed sheets, then it's probably time to invest in some shelf dividers, since they're a great way to create organised storage space in a closet. Instead of dividers, baskets are a more fashionable and prettier option. In this case, you can divide your sheets in each basket by some categories such as colour, size or fabric. Another practical option is to use the pillowcases that came in the bedding set as baskets. You can simply turn them out and store your sheets inside. For extra sensorial detail, add some lavender bags near the bedding.

Finally, we can all agree that keeping your bed linen in good conditions is more than just washing it up - it's about storing it strategically too, in order to best preserve the colour and integrity of the fabric (especially when there are other sets in circulation, and they spend some time hidden away). Storing your bed linen in a simpler and more coordinated way will also save you time and, certainly, patience.

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