One couple, two duvets: the Nordic way
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05 May 2019

One couple, two duvets: the Nordic way

One couple, two duvets: the Nordic way

Sharing your bed with a partner can be a challenge sometimes. Although you may worry it could be a sleeping incompatibility, you shouldn't let sleep issues turn into actual relationship problems. Let's make it stop before the infamous duvet cover wars begin!

Everything's roses until one night you pull your duvet to your side of the bed, and they pull it back. You've started a never-ending cycle. Suddenly your former endless patience is over. There must be a solution to get your snuggle time back on track.


It's proven: researches have shown half of Brits regularly lose out on a good night's sleep, with 10% of them occurring because of this comforters' burglary and 40% because of temperature control. Sleep specialists often encourage couples to cuddle in bed, so you shouldn't be missing out on that healthy habit anymore!


The Fix: Compromise. While some like it hot, others prefer it cold! So, what do you do when you have different sleep preferences? Seek ways to compromise. Grabbing another duvet and sleep on our own, how extreme it may seem, can be the million-dollar answer.


If you think about it, that's not even the craziest idea? This European style bed it's quite common in Scandinavian and some Northern European countries. At first, you might find it a bit weird, but then again, it could solve your night.


As a matter of fact, in some accommodations in Germany, as you probably know, the sleeping arrangements consist in two single mattresses together in one bed frame, along with two separate duvets and two Oxford pillows on top. To make it a bit cosier, there are some accessories and processes which turn this into a laid-back adaptation.


After your mattress is all set up, it's time to get some suitable new bed linen. Fitted sheets are easy to find, since they're available in numerous colours and fabrics. If you do have two mattresses, then you could get two separated bedding sets as well, that is, two sets of fitted sheets, two top sheets and two duvet covers.


During our sleep schedule, we all have our own personal features and body language. Some are hot sleepers, some like the extra fluffiness? and when different types of sleepers end up together, it may be a struggle, making it harder to get a comfortable night. Nonetheless, the outcome can still be positive.


When in doubt, learn the most from Nordic culture and give this lifestyle a try. Who knows? It may do wonders for you and your partner. Start by shopping for two separate duvet covers that meet your individual needs.


Whether it's a common or a reversible duvet cover, always prioritize hypoallergenic duvets. As at first sight it may come as a shock to you, this Scandinavian way of sleeping it's a success.


It's all about the bedding. It seems this couple dilemma is finally solved! So, don't let sleep tear you apart!

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