Our tips for Black Friday

24 November 2022

Our tips for Black Friday

Our tips for Black Friday

Black Friday is a time of special prices and offers, where usually customers can find the best deals of the year for products they want to buy. 

To enhance our customer's experience, we've curated a list of our most popular products, that you can regularly find at a special prince on our Black Friday deals.

Check out the tips we leave you, with our bestselling and most comfortable products.

1 - We can't keep a secret
Keeping secrets is not our strong suit. We don't like to hide anything from our customers, so we will always announce our next step on our social media.

Just follow us, and you will always be up to date with our news, which we promise will be many in the near future. Don't forget to subscribe our newsletter, to receive all our latest news in your email inbox.

2 - We want the best for our customers

Our client's satisfaction and of all of those who visit us is our priority. Everything we do has the well-being and happiness of all those who visit us in mind. Therefore, we guarantee that everything we prepared this month (and always!) was thinking of you so that you continue with us in the search for the perfect sleep.

3 - We are the eternal dissatisfied

We always think we can achieve more and better. So, even if we are very satisfied with the campaign we have prepared for you, we promise that we will not stop there.

We always try to improve and bring more and better to our customers. Therefore, we promise that we will always be working for your well-being and your perfect sleep.


4 - We have the best products in store for you

During this month, you will have the opportunity to get your favourite products at a special price. Here are some of our products to remind you how special and wonderful they are.


a) 430TC Sateen Sheet Set

Our best-seller is undoubtedly an item to have on every bed. Our sateen in Egyptian Cotton™ is very soft and smooth. It gives your bedroom an elegant style that will make getting out of bed even more difficult. 

 430TC Sateen Sheet Set

b) 200TC Stonewashed Percale Duvet Cover

It is the perfect article for those who like a more relaxed style. Your bedroom will become your haven, where calm and tranquillity will reign. The percale is breathable and gets softer with continued use. And this fabric doesn't need ironing!

 200TC Stonewashed Percale Duvet Cover

c) Cotton Classic Bath Set

Our Cotton Classic Bath Set will undoubtedly turn your bathroom into a spa where you can relax and forget all your troubles. We are sure that with our bathrobe all your problems will disappear, and you will finally achieve a state of pure nirvana.

 cotton Classic Bath Set

d) Café Throw

Despite the name, we guarantee that our Café Throw will be the perfect help to feel all the cosiness. It will be your new companion during marathon series, breakfasts in bed, and lazy Sundays.

Café Throw

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