Sateen or Percale? 5 tips to choose the perfect fabric
Bed Linen

28 May 2019

Sateen or Percale? 5 tips to choose the perfect fabric

Sateen or Percale? 5 tips to choose the perfect fabric

Thinking about sheets, sleeping on the fabric we like the most can highly increase our sensations, regardless of raw materials in use. But should we choose Sateen or Percale? Let's check.

When we go to bed, all we desire is to relax in a comfy bed - and we spend a significant part of our day on it. So, we must know which are the sheets that perfectly match the characteristics we value the most.

Both Sateen and Percale can be woven from the same raw material. The difference between them is the type of weave, which gives them distinctive touches. The truth is: for those looking for softness and high-quality, they're definitely the best sheets' fabrics.

We selected 5 tips to help you with this hard and personal task!


1. Weave

Percale is a traditional one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave. It can also be known as Tafetá, though the first one has necessarily more than 180 thread counts.

On the other hand, sateen has its thread surface more exposed for the one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave.


2. Durability

The characteristics of Percale's weave leads to a very strong fabric with superior durability. The best part: it won't pill wash after wash.

Also, Sateen is a long-lasting fabric. Although, it may need a more careful cleaning process.


3. Look

If you're looking for a matte finish, Percale is definitely your choice. It adds a modern look to any bedroom. However, sheets crafted in this fabric tend to wrinkle a bit more than Sateen.

In contrast, the luxurious and luminous sheen that immediately identifies Sateen can be very attractive. And the best part: it's naturally wrinkle-resistant. Its silky-smooth surface gives to this fabric a shiny appearance. Besides being flowier than Percale, Sateen has also a matte flat finish on the reverse of the fabric.


4. Feel

If you prefer bed linen crisp and cool to the touch, your answer is Percale sheets. Over washes, they became soften. For some reason, it's used by luxury five-star hotels for their beds!

Moreover, Sateen has an incredibly silky soft and smooth feeling.


5. Season

An alert for warmer sleepers: since Percale is lightweight and breathable, it's the better option for hot summer months. It gives you a cooler sleep experience!

The fact of Sateen being woven more tightly and densely than Percale, makes it heavier and less breathable, as well. In any case, it can be used during all year, but especially by those who prefer a hotter sleep.


We gave you some tips. Now, it's time for you to take one more look at the options you have and make the best decision for what you value the most.

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