Sleep is the perfect present: a gift guide
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24 February 2020

Sleep is the perfect present: a gift guide

Sleep is the perfect present: a gift guide

There are few things as influential on our day-to-day lives as sleep. We underestimate it, and sometimes treat it as a luxury, instead of what it is: an absolute necessity. A proper night's sleep will help with every single area of our health, and we don't even realize it. Mental health, blood pressure, risk of heart disease and even weight gain are all associated with sleep.

So, in that spirit, we'd like to present you five delightful gift ideas so you can give the people who matter the most to you that fundamental gift: sleep.


A throw

Sleep doesn't necessarily happen at night. Sometimes, the greatest feeling in the world is a couple of hours of sleep on one of those lazy Sunday afternoons. A good book, a steaming mug of tea, and gorgeous throw, that will keep you warm and toasty, even when it's raining outside. Just remember to put the book away before you shut your eyes, and the soft feel and warm comfort will make sure you have a perfect break.

warm throw



There's so many options out there, either from artisanal creators, megacorporations making plushies out of their most well-known characters and every business in between. If you're thinking of a gift for a child, or even for someone who's just young at heart, a lovely companion to help them feel safe in the dark is a great way of showing you care.

teddy bear plush


Pillow scents

We are by now quite used to using different scents and fragrances on different moments of our lives, but we often overlook the pieces of fabric we are going to lay our heads on. Ideally, we will be spending eight hours against our pillows every night, trying to achieve as much peace and relaxation as possible. A delicate and soothing scent is the perfect way to enhance that experience.

pillow scent oil fragrance


A spa day

Who says a gift has to be an object? Sometimes what's keeping you from achieving that perfect night's sleep isn't something that's missing, but just too much stress. If you know someone that fits that description, maybe the best you thing you can do for them is take them out of their environment and giving them a day where they can just put their feet up and relax completely.

spa day relaxation


Luxury bed linens

The ultimate gift for sleep is quality bed linens. The difference in switching from bed linens that are subpar to elite materials and craftsmanship cannot be underestimated. Getting into bed should feel like getting into a place of absolute comfort and bliss, and that can only be achieved if the bed linens have been handcrafted to the highest standards of quality. So, if you can, give your loved ones gift of the perfect night's sleep.

quality and handcrafted bed linen

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