The 6 tips that will save you time in Summer

18 June 2021

The 6 tips that will save you time in Summer

The 6 tips that will save you time in Summer

Managing a house is difficult. Managing a house with kids is even harder. When the Summer comes, school lets out, everyone gets a vacation, things get hectic. There are more people around, which means greater messes. There's more stuff to clean, and there's more stuff to air out to keep the house spotless and comfortable.

We are aware of this. We want to help.

We have a long history of creating the kind of materials and objects that make your life cosier and more comfortable, and during that time we have learnt a great deal about how people use the things we make, and how they integrate them into a lifestyle that works for them. Here is a selection of six foolproof tips to make your Summer easier.

1 - Cook outside

There's nothing better than a lovely barbecue or grilled meal outside. The flavours are delicious, the potential is infinite, and you can prepare most of it well ahead of time. Seasoned meats will wait for you in the fridge, fruit can be peeled, prepped, kept and chilled as well. Better still: the grill is more versatile than you may think. Here are some recipes for flatbreadpotatoesfruit, and even pizza made on the grill or the barbecue.

There are more advantages: you don't have a kitchen to clean up afterwards. The barbecue is much simpler to clean than a full kitchen after a large meal.

2 - Take full advantage of the extended daylight

Make plans. Don't head back home at 5 PM to stream shows or watch TV. This is the time to do all of the things you were putting off in winter. Do you keep saying you want to ride your bike more? Go on nature hikes? Ditch the gym and go swimming? Maybe your ambition is to start a herb garden? Or build a wooden shed to keep your kids' stuff?

Regardless of what your ambitions are, we are sure every single one of us has a few things on their 'oh, I wish I had the time" list. Well, now you do. You've gained like three extra hours of daylight when compared to Winter, which means not only you won't be doing activities at night but your body will remain alert and energised until much later. Use that.

3 - Dry your laundry outside

We keep going on about this because it's true. Air drying sheets are a perfect way to ensure that they retain all their qualities for longer and feel better. There's a science to this. Tumble dryers are harsh. They throw your sheets against their metal walls as they spin, and they twist and (as the name says) tumble them. If you have quality sheets (we make some really good ones you should check out), they will be composed of natural fibres. While these are certainly strong and long-lasting, they will take a beating in the tumbler that you can avoid by hanging them outside.

But that's not all.

Drying your laundry outside will save you quite a few steps in the process. You can just hang them straight from the washer. No need to transfer them to the dryer, start a whole new process, wait for it to finish, take them out? You just hang them and forget about them until you're ready to take them out.

But what about ironing, you ask?

Good question.

4 - Get sheets that don't need to be ironed

If you get bed linens made with the finest linen, such as these, you will never need to iron a sheet again.

Why yes, this is true.

They are perfect for the warmer months because linen naturally dissipates heat and absorbs moisture. Even in the warmest of nights, these sheets will never become damp and uncomfortable. And because their fibres are so perfectly relaxed, they will never need to be ironed. Whenever you wash them, all you need to do is lay them out to dry and they will be perfect to fold or go straight to the bed.

5 - Use your downtime

Are you commuting? Waiting for your kids? Idling away hours with your smartphone while you wait for whatever activity is next?

You're probably filling the gaps with activities that aren't fulfilling you, and that shows. Mobile usage drops during the Summer. We suggest you join that trend. Figure out when you are wasting more time on your phone (or doing something else you don't enjoy! This isn't really about the phone, it's about saving time), and plan for it.

Bring a book with you. Bring a journal. Knit. Find a hobby you've always been meaning to start and figure out how to integrate it into your day.

6 - Say no

This one sounds hard, right? It's the Summer. Everyone wants to be somewhere doing something because these days are just too great to waste.

Well, you matter.

The number one time-waster during Summer is watching all your days get sucked into someone else's plans, whether they're friends, family, or even work. This doesn't mean, of course, that you should neglect your loved ones. Of course not. It just means you need to strike a healthy balance between everyone's desires and priorities that also includes you.

That probably means sometimes saying no.

If you enjoyed this article, we hope you will consider checking out our online store. All our products are made with the finest materials available, and our craftspeople are second to none. Our linen sheets, perfect for Summer, don't need to be ironed and they will keep you at the perfect temperature as you slumber.

You need to try them.

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