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The Great Fall Gift Guide (of things you can buy online)
Gift inspiration

29 October 2020

The Great Fall Gift Guide (of things you can buy online)

The Great Fall Gift Guide (of things you can buy online)

The world has taken many a turn in the last few months, and one of the consequences of the COVID pandemic, which has touched all our lives, is a growing preference for buying online. It makes it easier to ensure safe and secure practices, and there are many other benefits to it. It is easy, it is convenient, and it opens up a vast number of great products that may even have been inaccessible otherwise.

Fall is coming, and that means new colours, new flavours, new experiences are reaching online stores around the world. This is why we have decided to present you with a little list, to help you pick out some truly great gifts for your friends and loved ones (maybe even sneak in a cheeky little gift for yourself, why not?).



1. Celestial One Line a Day

This is a journal. But it is not just a journal. Instead of being a constant companion for a year, this tome was designed to accompany your thoughts and dreams for much longer. Every page is designed to cover a single day for five successive years, allowing you to go back to your thoughts and experiences of days gone by while you jot down new ones.

The design is also exquisite, featuring artwork by artist and designer Yao Cheng.




2. Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin room spray

Just because you love Halloween, that doesn't mean you have to be spooky and grim. Embrace the pumpkin obsession of the season while still living your best life with this sweet cinnamon pumpkin room spray. It is the perfect way to make your home feel ready for the holidays ahead. And besides, a little sweet and a little spicy make everything better.




3. The Mohair throw

It is a must-have. It is warm, it is cosy, it is perfect for fall. If you are spending a little more time at home than usual, then you must certainly be indulging on extra reading or Netflix time, and what could make those delightful moments better than the perfect throw?

The Mohair is woven by the best craftsmen with some of the finest materials. Thanks to the Angora goat fleece, it has an amazing hand feel and it is delightfully comfortable.



4. Lambswool Scottish Tartan Multicolour Scarf

A scarf. But not just a scarf. If you are going to bother ordering one online and waiting for it to arrive in the post, then you better make sure you are getting a proper good scarf. Scottish tartan is the perfect way to achieve a look that is both stylish and classically elegant, and 100% Edinburgh lambswool is as authentic as it gets.




5. Google Chromecast

There are many ways to make your home your sanctuary. One of them, a very important one, is to ensure you aren't missing out on the world by staying in. Chromecast is a handy little gadget that connects directly to your TV set and that allows you to stream anything you want from your computer or your hand-held devices. Do you want to play some music for the whole family? You can stream Spotify. Do you want to share some funny YouTube videos? Watch Netflix? Prime Video? HBO? They are all compatible. But it does more than that. You can even directly connect your browser or gallery to the TV and display all your family photos and video... All without messing about with pen drives and the like.




6. Cotton Bathrobe

What could be better than enjoying a home spa experience? We have written a very handy guide on how to achieve that perfect experience. One of the things you will want while doing it is a quality bathrobe that will help you feel comfortable and relaxed. The brisker days are coming, so any excuse is good to be warm and cosy.

You want your bathrobe to be highly absorbent but also very soft and delicate against your skin, so cotton is definitely the material to choose.




7. Heat Holders Slipper Socks

These don't really require a lengthy explanation, now do they? If you don't like wearing outside shoes in the house, and if the weather is becoming a little inclement on regular slippers or bare toes, then how about trying slipper socks? They are truly one of mankind's great inventions.



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