The joys of linen

29 May 2020

The joys of linen

The joys of linen

One of the most underestimated aspects of our day-to-day lives is the importance of what fabrics we use. They are everywhere. In our clothes, our towels, the seats of our cars and sofas, our handkerchiefs, and, of course, our bedding. Silk, cotton, linen, they all have different characteristics and are made to almost infinitely variable standards, aesthetic and of quality.

So why is linen such an absolute staple? It has been used, without interruption, for thirty-six hundred years. Yes, you've read that right. Archaeological findings indicate that flax fibres have been used by people to create linen-like fabrics that long ago.

So what is linen, exactly?

Any and all textiles that are made from the fibres of the flax plant can be called linen. It's a very strong, absorbent fibre that dries faster than cotton. Due to its strength and reliability, linen has been used for an enormous variety of effects. It's what the agent Egyptians used to wrap mummies. The Germans used it to print money. And everyone around the world uses it for clothes and bedding.




Linen is a very special fibre

Fibres made from the flax plant have very specific characteristics that will distinguish them from wool, cotton, silk, or any synthetic material. They present a very high conductivity, which will make them always feel cool and fresh on the skin. The smoothness of the fibre also means fabrics made with it will always be lint-free and soften with usage. Of course, this very same smoothness implicates poor elasticity, and linen clothes will wrinkle easily.




Ideal for warm weather

The fact that linen dries so easily and presents such a cool touch makes garments and bedding made with it the perfect choice for the warmer months. When Summer comes, it is natural to be concerned about the hygiene and comfort of your bed clothes. Linen's natural characteristics make it an expert choice. It dries easily. It doesn't absorb moisture. It doesn't absorb heat. And besides, its smooth fibres will iron perfectly and create the perfect aesthetic.


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