The perfect wedding deserves the perfect gift
Gift inspiration

04 May 2020

The perfect wedding deserves the perfect gift

The perfect wedding deserves the perfect gift

It can be a daunting task to find the exact gift for the people you truly cherish. It's their big day, and everything must be exactly on-point. They deserve it. So how do you make the people you love the most know that you are there for them?

The ideal present needs to meet a series of qualifications. It can't be too cheap, and it can't be too expensive. It can't be too intimate, but it can't be impersonal. Here are a few suggestions, for different price ranges, that are sure to be a success:



His and hers perfumes

From Boss to Lacoste, Gucci to Hermès, the most luxurious brands in the world are developing fragrances that are made to be worn together. What better way is there to indicate to the happy couple that you understand and respect their union than a couple of gifts that complement each other perfectly?



A staycation

After the honeymoon, it's time to get back to real life. Or is it? It's never been easier to gift experiences instead of physical objects, and you can find a wild variety on the market. Are they fans of radical experiences? Maybe offer them a skydiving lesson. Are they more the quiet contemplative type? A weekend in a rural hotel could do the trick. Make it so they can pick the dates themselves and allow them to extend their bliss just a little bit longer.



An instant camera

In the age of Instagram, who even prints photos anymore? People who cherish them, that's who. An instant camera will tell them that you know the next few months or years of their lives will have moments that are irreplaceable, impossible to copy, and that aren't meant for public consumption online. Any picture they take with it will be just like their marriage. Unique and precious.



Bed linens

Most people that are getting married nowadays already live together, so house-warming gifts have fallen a little out of favour. But bed linens are different. Most young couples have hand-me-downs, or cheap store-brand sheets and pillowcases. They're starting their life out, it's understandable. If you give them quality, high thread-count, luxury bed linens, you will have changed every day of their lives. And they will know it.

Considering this last option? You should. Check our bedding-sets right now. We have a solution for every budget, and they truly are the perfect gift.

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