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Thread count over 500: is it even possible?
Bed Linen

02 May 2019

Thread count over 500: is it even possible?

Thread count over 500: is it even possible?

If you google it, you'll probably read many articles saying that isn't likely to be true. However, we are going to tell you how we can do thread count over 500.

The answer is quite simple: yes, it is possible, but not with usual raw materials. And we use the best to produce our high-quality bed linen, being the Egyptian CottonTM our star. You'll be surprised at how much thread count (TC) makes a difference.

First of all: what does 'thread count' means?

It's the number of threads per square inch, by adding the vertical (warp) to the horizontal (weft) threads. Therefore, we are able to measure the fineness of fabrics.

It's known that sheets with higher thread count have better quality. If you have doubts about it, try this test: touch in a cotton sateen with 400 TC and then in a cotton sateen with 800 TC. You'll instantly feel that the second features a better quality, having a smoother and softer touch. The same happens with cotton percale, being as cooler and crisper as higher the thread count.

You should consider that even normal sheets must be woven from fabrics with, at least, 200 TC.


Great! But how? 

To understand how we can evaluate a fabric's quality, we need to consider three main topics: 1) the quality of raw materials and yarns; 2) the thread count; and 3) the finishings.

We must tell you that, for producing higher quality yarns, we'll obligatorily need better raw materials. The cotton wool needed to craft a 800 TC demands extra-long staple fibres, in order to create refined cotton yarns. However, to weave a fabric with 400 TC, it's only needed cotton wool from long-staple fibres. So, the final product should present different qualities, as well.

Using the Egyptian Cotton as an example, we may need a Giza 86, 89 or 90 to produce a 400 TC cotton sateen or cotton percale, which is a long-staple fibre. On the other hand, we must use a Giza 45, 70, 87 or 88 for crafting a 800 TC cotton sateen or cotton percale, matching extra-long staple fibres, known for its capacity of generating yarns with very fine counts yet also very strong.

Besides single-ply yarns, we also use twisted yarns with two-ply, allowing to increase not only the number of threads per square inch but also the quality of the sheets.


Twisted yarns are tricky, aren't they? 

Of course not! If we use better quality fibres to wove a superior fabric, the result can only be high-end bed linen.

So, we don't only produce fabrics over 500TC, as we also ensure you that all our sheets have a superior quality.

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