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Top sheets to keep your summer nights cool
Bed Linen

07 June 2019

Top sheets to keep your summer nights cool

Top sheets to keep your summer nights cool

Do you toss and turn at night, trying to stay cool? Are you in desperate need of a few tricks to survive hot summer nights? When one leg off the covers just isn't enough, you'll want a refreshing top sheet ASAP.

Creating a restful and minimalist environment is key to a better sleep and ultimately to stop waking up sweaty. Believe us: the simple task of switching out your sheets can help improve your rest by keeping you cool and dry throughout the night (and don't misjudge the importance of pillowcases!).

Some sheets are made of inferior materials that make you feel even warmer. One of our tips, thus, is to avoid synthetic fabrics and try choosing natural fibres like cotton, which dries quickly.

Regarding the hue, the colour of your sheets can also play a role in staying cool, with lighter colours reflecting heat while darker ones absorbing it. With that in mind, light-coloured bed linen is more breathable and excellent for promoting ventilation and airflow in the bedroom.

Are you still wondering which sheets to choose? Then, don't miss our favourite temperature-regulating top sheets, reviewed by our editorial team. This selection should be keeping you as cool as a cucumber while you snooze.


Editor's choice


400TC Percale Flat Sheet

This affordable choice is made from 100% Egyptian CottonTM, which is naturally hypoallergenic. Because of that, this raw material is a safe option for even sensitive skin. In short, its fibres help pull away wetness, keeping skin cool and dry.

Crafted in a crisp 400 thread count Cotton Percale, it features a detailed satin stitch and comes in three minimalist colourways. The Premium Percale sheet has a casual, lived-in look, and simultaneously a luxury feel that will make you never want to leave your bed.


800TC Percale Flat Sheet

Because it has a thread count of 800, this flat sheet is particularly durable and long-lasting in comparison with inferior thread counts. Constructed with a crisp and cool to the touch weave, the Luxury Percale sheet will soften over time.

The authentic Egyptian CottonTM also has anti-microbial properties, obviously being the gold standard when it comes to bed linen. With this flat sheet, you'll get a hotel quality at a comfortable price.


800TC Percale Sheet Set

It's hard to top this white Percale sheet set! Dreamily smooth and extremely light weighted, it's no surprise that these sheets are a hit with hot sleepers who search for higher quality finishes.

This set is designed and manufactured in Portugal with maximum breathability in mind, including two Standard pillowcases, a flat sheet and a fitted which won't cling to your body during sleeping time.


Heat-locking fabrics should suit hot sleepers in all room environments. They will help you stay fully temperature-controlled throughout the night, so, sleeping with the right sheets can be a plus! We sincerely hope you sleep better tonight with these three editor-approved cooling sheet sets. This sort of fabrics will keep you dry until morning, making it something you definitely need in the bedroom.


Too good to be true?

Simply give it a try (don't forget senseslinen's risk-free 60-night sleep trial!).

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