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Trouble sleeping? Your bed linen has a bigger role than you think
Bed Linen

06 June 2019

Trouble sleeping? Your bed linen has a bigger role than you think

Trouble sleeping? Your bed linen has a bigger role than you think

If you usually wake up tired, grumpy or even sweaty, probably your sleep has low quality. Most of the time, heat is the problem. The secret to improve your nights can be in the sheets you have chosen for your bed. Let's discover why!

Not having a good and quality sleep can be the beginning of several problems, affecting your personal, social and professional life. If you are not in the mood for anything, you won't be able to answer the challenges of every day or, worse, to enjoy the good moments - and that's what really matters!

The nowadays stressful routine demands extra care in topics like nutrition, hydration, physical exercise, sleep, among others. By creating rules and strategies to deal with them, you're supporting yourself in taking full advantage of your day.


You're running too hot

If you usually sweat during the night, maybe your bedding is making you overheat. It's very nasty to wake up with soaking wet sheets, isn't it?

It can happen to everyone around the globe from time to time, from babies to elderly people, for several reasons - especially if the bedroom is unusually hot. But when it becomes frequent, you may think about making some changes in your bed.

So, if you identify with these issues, pay attention to what's next!


1. Start by your sheets

You already know that, when buying bed linen, you must consider high-quality fabrics. One of the reasons why is related to the moisture absorption of the fibres they're woven from. Our cotton and silk - the only raw materials we use to craft our sheets - pass with distinction on that topic's evaluation, which means they help you preventing night sweats.

On the other hand, if you opt for bedding with polyester, they'll, therefore, make you sweat even more. That happens because the fibres have plastic, which definitely doesn't absorb moisture.


2. Then, take the excess off

When the season changes, pay attention to what's on top of your bed linen. We know: having the bed full of layers makes it look lavish! But sometimes it isn't the best option for a cool sleep.

So, if you have too many bedclothes on your bed, maybe you should put the blankets you aren't using in a closet or just fold it knightly every time you go to bed.

And the down must be the right one. Make sure you're considering the time of year and the temperature of your bedroom in the moment of choosing it.


3. It's time to refresh your bedroom

Even if the weather is not too hot outside, but you feel constantly warm, here's a tip: open the windows for a couple of hours before you go to sleep, or after getting up.

This is something you should do during the whole year for air circulation - especially in the Summer it's even more necessary! But if this isn't enough to reduce the air temperature, the only solution is to turn the air conditioning or the fan on.


4. And to wear the right pyjama

Have you ever considered that the pyjama you're using is too hot for this season, or even for the temperature of your bedroom? There can be two different issues that must be considered: the type of the pyjama you're wearing and the material of the fabric it's made of.

So, try a fresher style that makes you feel breezy, and avoid covering your arms and neck region, as these are heat sensitive body areas.

As for the fabric, just as you would your bed linen, choose natural fibres like cotton or silk, and enjoy a completely dry night of sleep!


In conclusion

Now that you're equipped with all the information on how to avoid night sweats, from the four topics we've mentioned before, we're pretty confident that you'll notice a big difference in the quality of your sleep.

All that's left to do is snuggle into your fresh and crisp bed and enjoy eight hours (if possible!) of deep and restoring sleep.

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