Welcome summer with our bedlinen

28 June 2022

Welcome summer with our bedlinen

Welcome summer with our bedlinen

Make sure your bed is ready for summer nights with our products. We will help you find the correct bedlinen to make you feel fresh and ready to enjoy this season!


Summer has arrived! With its longer days, Summer means more time to appreciate what best life has to offer: trips to the beach or the pool; holidays to relax and forget the worries; spending time with family and friends, and live moments to remember later on.

The best stories always happen during the summer. That is why everyone loves this season.

To enjoy this time of the year properly, you need a good night of sleep to have the energy to enjoy the season. However, we know how hard it can be: how many times have you been wide awake in the middle of the night, unable to sleep due to the hot summer nights?

That’s where we come in. We are pleased to help our clients achieve a restful night and a magnificent sleep. After this, they will have the opportunity of living the summer of their dreams and have a million stories to remember.

We are the ones who can help you have a night of sleep and then enjoy your summer days as you deserve.

Check our list and discover our products that will surely, help you sleep better this season!



This fabric is perfect for summer nights since it makes everyone feel fresher, even in hot weather.

Our European linen is crisp to the touch, easy-care, and casual. It gives your room a more casual and relaxed look (everything we want for summer). Another great advantage of this fabric is that it does not need any ironing, which can be considered torture during hot summer days.


400TC Percale

Our Percale has incredible quality and offers a magnificent sensation, something you, for sure, want to experience.

Most importantly, it's woven from Percale 100% Egyptian Cotton™, the best cotton in the world.

The bedlinen in Percale is known for its high durability, softness, and fresh feeling. For that, we advise it to be worn during the summer or by hot-natured people.


200TC Stonewashed percale

Our percale stonewash, with its effect stonewashed, has the best of both worlds: percale’s supreme quality, but with a more relaxed look that, just like linen, does not need ironing.

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