What makes Egyptian Cotton™ so special?

10 May 2020

What makes Egyptian Cotton™ so special?

What makes Egyptian Cotton™ so special?

A lot of what makes quality bedding special is always down to raw materials. If you don't start out with an elite product, all the technique and manufacturing skills in the world will still always produce a subpar product. Egyptian Cotton™ is one of the finest raw materials in the world. Here is what makes it so unique.

It comes from a very special climate

Egypt itself is one of the keys to achieving such a unique variety of cotton. Egypt's climate is hot and sunny year long, providing the cotton plants with the stable conditions to develop properly. But just the heat alone wouldn't be enough. The River Nile, the lifeblood of the county since times immemorial, provides an ample irrigation that few other hot climates can even dream of. This has allowed Egyptian Cotton™ to develop longer individual fibres, creating the perfect plant.




Every single thread is picked by hand

While most of the world has caved to the cheaper, more efficient, machine picking, the Cotton Egypt Association makes absolutely sure that all cotton that meets the Egyptian Cotton™ specifications is picked by hand, in the traditional fashion. Machines are blind and unfeeling. Branches and plants get mixed with the cotton and damage it. Leaves make the cotton unusable until it has been washed several times. None of this is helpful to achieve a truly great product.




The perfect cotton for the spinning process

When manufacturing yarn, during the spinning process, the longer fibre of Egyptian Cotton™ allows for a finer, more delicate process. It reduces damage to the minimum and allows us to make the finest of yarns without sacrificing strength. This ensures that the resulting fabric will be stronger, softer and magnificent in appearance.




It is as rare as it is precious

Cotton that meets the exacting demands of the Egyptian Cotton™ brand makes up less than 1% of all the cotton in the market. It is noble and expensive, but its quality is unmatched. Only the finest clothing and bedding can boast such a product. Its satiny effect, elevated resistance and extremely soft touch make it one of the best raw materials in textiles.

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