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Which of these 5 kinds of sleepers are you?
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23 April 2019

Which of these 5 kinds of sleepers are you?

Which of these 5 kinds of sleepers are you?

What type of sleeper are you? Apart from sleeping positions, we may all have encountered some of these sleeping styles and personalities throughout our lifetime. New research shows that there are something like 10 types of sleepers. We've selected a few of our favourites. Take a look and see how you can relate:

The athlete

This type of sleepers has such a high tendency to move, it feels like their competing in a marathon! No matter what, they always end up all over the bed, so sleeping with them is somewhat an adventure. The most common causes of this behaviour are high levels of stress or anxiety. If you feel this could be you, it may be time to relax, because you're not getting the proper rest.


The sleeping beauty

Some people are blessed with the gift of falling asleep within seconds. Although that's usually a good thing, if you start to feel tired constantly, you should talk to a doctor. Unfortunately, spending too many times sleeping is a warning from your body. Excessive sleeping is often mistaken by a good sleep routine; however, it can be a sign of mental health problems such as depression. Low levels of vitamin D or thyroid disorders can also be identified as excessive sleeping causes.

The sound sleeper

Whoever it is, we all know a snorer. This sleep personality is commonly taken as deep sleepers, but - in reality - they don't get any quality sleep, mainly because it prevents them from optimal breathing and oxygen exchange. If you're a full-time snorer, you should get your doctor's opinion since it's one detectable symptom in sleep apnea cases. If you're an occasional snorer, don't worry, the odds are you are just tired!

The thief

We believe people who steal all the blankets, sheets and bedspreads while dreaming at night should suffer some serious consequences. During this struggle, all we can do is, calmly, give it a good and strong pull back. People who sleep like this, don't have any real medical condition, they're just selfish.

The sweater

If you've never been through this, you don't know how lucky you are! Even worse than drooling all night long is waking up to a pool of sweat - not a good feeling in the morning, really. Although sweating doesn't affect your night, it can tell you something about yourself. If your sleeping style involves sweating in abnormal ways, be aware, because night sweats can be a sign of metabolic disorders.

Although it seems fairly simple, it can be a lot more complex than the expected and finding the perfect position can be the most complicated part of it all. Arms up, arms down, leg under the cover, leg out? All joking aside, sleep deprivation has negative health effects on our equilibrium, so we shouldn't ignore the impact of good quality sleep.

Sleeping is one of the most essential activities to the human being, substantial to our mental and physical health. After all, sleeping is almost as important as breathing!

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