Why bedding makes a great wedding gift
Bed Linen

27 May 2019

Why bedding makes a great wedding gift

Why bedding makes a great wedding gift

It is once again that time of the year when weddings are in full flow and many invited guests are looking for something special as a gift. If you're into personal, thoughtful yet affordable gifts, this is for you.

A wedding gift is a chance for you to offer a unique present that expresses your love and support for the newlywed couple. While a new set of bed linen might not be the first thing popping on your mind when it comes to gift giving, we're positive it would be appreciated, as it makes a wonderfully useful present (because, honestly, how often do you use your crepe maker?!).


Considering we spend a lot of our lifetime in bed, our sheets and duvet covers do indeed ware out, and may need updating or replacing more often than you think. That is why quality bedding is part of the best wedding registry items out there, as you're getting something valuable that will last, and will be providing the newlyweds with an hotel-experience every morning.


Whatever your budget is, bed linen is a great option for any type of couple, either they're practical, traditional, romantic? The plain fact is that all of us use it daily. So, when shopping for a gift, you want to choose luxurious bedding that still matches the recipient's personality. The ultimate personalised wedding gift is the one that naturally suits the recipient's home décor. For instance, a set of high thread count sheets in neutral tones will look stylish in any home.


 When choosing a gift, you want to give a present the recipients will use and enjoy on a regular basis, and ideally something they might not think getting for themselves often. In this case, pure Egyptian CottonTM bed sets are our personal favourite wedding gift option. If your friends are practical people, choose percale fabrics, and they'll love the durability and low maintenance component of this high-quality bedding. 


Talking about long-lasting bed linen, it's also important to consider the thread count factor. It refers to how many threads compose one square inch of sheet fabric, including the horizontal threads and the vertical threads. In general, a sheet with a higher thread count will be more durable and feels softer, and, in this context, certified Egyptian CottonTM is the finest.


If you can tell the newlyweds' taste is all about the aesthetic vibes, this sort of gift can definitely be Pinterest worthy. To turn the extra-long staple cotton sheets into a décor statement, add in some colour with the help of a cosy throw or blanket.


On the other hand, when it comes to those corny (but cute!) couples who live for breakfast in bed, a silky duvet cover may be the answer, as it gives the bedroom somewhat of a sentimental and romantic touch.


However, when it comes to the fancy couple who has it all... Well, nobody has too many when it comes to quality bedding! If cotton may seem a bit 'basic" for them, look for sateen bed linen - its deluxe finishing may be the way to go.


Finally, make sure you find out the proper size of the couple's mattress before ordering. Regardless of your choices or your friends' preferences, we believe bedding truly is the base of a cosy and lovely bedroom, making it the perfect gift.


Happy bed, happy couple!


Still Not Sure? Check our bedding sets - beautifully gift-packed and available straight-from-factory. There certainly is something suitable to every budget.

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