Why cotton bedding?
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28 March 2019

Why cotton bedding?

Why cotton bedding?

Think about this... Have you ever actually thought of how much your bed linen affects the quality of your daily sleep? We believe a good day is often the result of your previous night of sleep, so it's probably time to understand why you should be treating yourself. The quality of your sleep is intrinsically connected to the quality of your bedding. If you're still having a hard time believing it, here are some of the bedtime benefits you'll get with a classic-cotton bedding that, hopefully, will help you how to choose the right bedding for you.

Highly breathable

Because it's a natural raw material, cotton makes a highly breathable fabric, resulting in a perfect breathable bedsheet. Cotton is also known for its temperature regulating properties regardless of the season, making a perfect all year choice. Since it absorbs your body's heat during the night, allows you to stay cool and dry in the summertime and warm during the wintery nights.


Better-than-average durability

Choosing cotton over other materials will save you some coins due to its durability. This material makes some durability bedding and it is resistant to early wear and fade. That's right, natural cotton bedding sets will last you almost twice as any alternative, so you won't need to hit the store that frequently.


Low Maintenance

Taking care of your cotton bedding is quite easy since there's no need to hand wash it or intensively ironing, making it a low maintenance bed linen. The wash routine of most cotton bed linen consists of tossing them into the washing machine at 40 degrees. However, avoid mixing your cotton with other textiles. Preferably, always wash it alone in order to get a better wash. If the weather doesn't allow to dry naturally, you can use a tumble dryer set at a low temperature. And a quick tip: take it out when it's still slightly damp and dry flat, this will help with reducing how much ironing it needs.


Perfectly smooth

Cotton makes the best sheets for sensitive due to its hypoallergenic benefits and smooth finish. Because of its ability to resist most allergens, cotton sheets will prevent you from irritation or rashes. No more sneezing and coughing all night because of allergies!

If you're looking for all year-round bedding with high durability, low maintenance and timeless appearance, come check our certified Egyptian Cotton™ bed linen available in several sizes. See what suits you best to create your sleep sanctuary and don't skip a good night sleep ever again. Also, don't forget to save the care instructions and follow the directions on the label whenever needed!

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