Why you should wash your sheets weekly
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22 April 2019

Why you should wash your sheets weekly

Why you should wash your sheets weekly

Sure, we get it? washing your bedding is probably one of the most annoying chores ever, but take a minute to ask yourself: do you wash your sheets enough? How often do you really change them?

Although we always feel safer in the comfort of our own bed, we are putting ourselves at risk by never truly sleeping alone. Yes, we're serious! The odds are we're sleeping with invisible (and living!) bacteria. And how can you fight it? Simply by starting to wash your sheets every week.

But what really happens if you don't wash your bed sheets?

Ignoring your bedroom chores will only result in some dirty and dusty sheets with a serious build-up of filth that can have severe repercussions to your health. Unfortunately, is common to not be informed on this topic since most of the population are not aware of how not changing your bedding affects your sleep's quality. According to experts, your bedding should be changed once a week to prevent you from insomnias, skin problems and infections.

When we're feeling lazier, is easier to let your sheets slide for another week and not think about its repercussions, but not having a frequent bed cleaning routine increases the risk of viruses and fungus due to the higher exposure to dead skin, perspiration and fluids in the fibres. We typically loose skin flakes on our sheets every night which attracts a type of microscopic bug that lives on the fibres of your sheets and feast on human skin.

Although less likely, an intrusion by bed bugs is also something that can happen when you don't treat your bedding the right way. Bed bug infestations can be very hard to get rid of. The bugs often actually live in the walls near a bed, and this means one infected residence in an apartment block can quickly turn into an infested complex as they move between flats through the walls. This usually worsens if you tend to sweat more while sleeping. In that case, it's recommended that you have enhanced care with your bedding collection.

The most usual consequences are related to skin and respiratory problems such as acne, oily skin, flu, asthma or even pneumonia. If you snuggle with your pets in your bed, then double the care with your bed sets since they're the main source of parasites and bacteria.

The only way to avoid these health risks is by changing and wash your sheets on a regular basis. The only way to avoid these health risks is by changing and wash your sheets on a regular basis. Professional organisers believe that people who wash their bed linen every week do it out of habit, not need. But is that enough? Although once a week is the recommended frequency, you're not completely in the right track. Changing your flat and fitted sheets is not enough, it's also essential to wash your duvet cover and pillowcases on a regular basis (every other week or so). And be aware of the common mistake of forgetting to clean your mattress, your pillows and your duvet! These may be tougher to clean than tossing sheets in the washer but in the end, it will be worth it!

Look on the bright side: the washing process will fluff your pillow and make your blanket's filling distributed more evenly. In other words, it will make your pillows and blankets as comfortable as possible. Yes, it's true, washing your bedding can make them more comfortable and make your bed one step closer to a luxury hotel. and vital activity for our mental and physical health.

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