You can almost hear the wedding bells: a gift guide
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29 June 2022

You can almost hear the wedding bells: a gift guide

You can almost hear the wedding bells: a gift guide

Weddings mean love, celebration, and time to see two people having their happily ever after. It is also time to make some decisions: what to wear, how to look, and most importantly, what to give to the happy couple. We trust your good sense of style, but we can help you with the gift part.

After all the chaos and stress that the newlyweds went through, it is time for them to relax and to enjoy their new life together. And we have the perfect products for that! Home is where your heart is, and our products will certainly fill the happy couple's hearts with joy by helping them begin their big new adventure.

Let us help you with our gift guide for the perfect wedding present. 


Silk Bedding Set

Our mulberry silk is the most luxurious fabric in the world. It is the perfect gift for a couple with an exquisite taste.

It is naturally hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating and contributes to your health and appearance. The ideal gift to leave behind all the stressful moments lived during the wedding-preparations by the bride and groom.


Cotton-Silk Bedding Set

With this set, you will give the couple the best of both worlds. Our cotton-silk is simply the best. These higher-quality sheets are made from Supima® cotton and genuine mulberry silk. They are light and sleek, perfect to initiate life as a married couple.


430TC Sateen Bedding Set

Our best seller is the perfect option for a gift. Our Egyptian Cotton™ sateen is extremely soft and smooth. The elegant sateen sheets are also naturally more wrinkle-resistant.

This set will certainly bring wonderful nights to the newlyweds.


Egyptian Cotton™ Towel Set

Give the sensation of having a spa at home to the couple.

Our bath sets will turn the bathroom into a refuge, where calm and tranquility will be the special guests.

With this gift, there is no way of failing.

To make this present even more memorable, you can write a special message to the newlyweds, that we will gladly print on our beautiful cards, specially made just for wedding gifts. All you have to do is send us the message you want to print to . 

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