Christmas Gift Guide - The best gifts for the holiday season
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14 December 2023

Christmas Gift Guide - The best gifts for the holiday season

Christmas Gift Guide - The best gifts for the holiday season

When it comes to Christmas gifts, the truth is that there is a huge choice of presents to give. With so many different directions and choices, it can be difficult to choose the most original gift that will leave your loved ones speechless.

Since Christmas is often a time of a chilly atmosphere and the search for cosiness and warmth becomes a must, there's nothing better than giving bed linen sets that are more comfortable and durable and that will provide moments of tranquillity for the people we love the most.

In this guide, we recommend some of Senseslinen's bestsellers and special holiday season picks, directly from our factory, to enhance the comfort of your loved ones at home.

cozy bedroom in christmas

430TC Sateen

Whether in a set or as individual pieces, such as sheets or pillowcases, our 430-thread-count sateen stands out for its soft touch and luxurious sheen. Crafted from authentic Egyptian Cotton™, which utilizes finer yarns to create a stronger and softer fabric, it is the ideal choice for providing the most pleasant and relaxing night's sleep.

430TC sateen

400TC Percale

Taking advantage of the best properties of Egyptian Cotton™, Percale 400TC stands out for its softness and durability. Unlike sateen, its regular structure allows the fabric to become even softer with washing, providing an unrivalled feeling of freshness. If you want to offer modernity, Percale is your choice. Even though it's soft and light, the fabric retains its durability and strength, promising to be a gift that will be used for years to come.

400TC Percale

Silk pillowcase

Originally from China, silk is a fabric known for its natural properties. Being hypoallergenic and temperature regulating, it reduces humidity in the bed and contributes to health, reducing ageing and increasing vitality. The silk pillowcase is made from mulberry silk - the highest quality silk in the world - and being naturally resistant to dust mites and mould, it is excellent for fighting allergies. Also available as a sheet, sheet cover or duvet bag, silk is an excellent option to include in your bed all year round and, for these reasons, makes it a Christmas present to consider for people who are more concerned about their health and well-being.